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Greek Mythology Essays (2897 words) - Greek Underworld,

Greek Mythology Regardless of what you think the old Greeks were not on drugs. The individuals of antiquated Greece had an amazingly savvy society. They had complex design and a significant level of arithmetic in their way of life. These everyday issues managed genuine articles that could be controlled. At the point when it came to regular wonders the Greeks had certain clarifications that may look offbeat presently, yet were sensible 3000 years back. In Greece's history there are a few topics that added to Greek folklore and reasons it created. When Greek folklore was set up in the way of life a fascinating arrangement of divine beings and convictions developed and kept on advancing for many years. Two of these divine beings that you are well on the way to be acquainted with are Zeus and Apollo. In the event that you see how and why Greek folklore occurred, the possibility of Greek folklore won't appear to be so odd. The area of Greece itself fits a wide range of societies. It is halfway situated between Europe, Asia and Africa. With every one of the three having very unmistakable and changed societies. Voyagers would impart their thoughts and considerations to local people as they experienced Greece. A few thoughts were received into the Greek culture or they were altered to their particular needs. Greece turned into a blend or intersection for a wide range of societies. These variables must be contemplated when you are attempting to comprehend Greek culture. Another way Greece was impacted by different societies was forcibly. Between the years 2000-1400 B.C. Greece was controlled by a few unique societies. These outside powers impacted their way of life and religion. One thing that stayed a steady was their language. The Greeks kept up to keep their local language and this set up incredible inward consistency. This turned into a factor in later years helping them ascend to such an advanced huma n progress. The causes of Greek folklore as we probably am aware it today are difficult to follow in light of the fact that there was no organized church or composed codes, however the principle impact is thought to originate from the Aegean development. The Aegeans lived on the island of Crete and are believed to be one of the main current developments around 3000 B.C. Aegeans accepted that every regular item had spirits. After some time these convictions formed into a lot of legends including common articles, creatures, and divine beings with human structure. A portion of these legends made due as a feature of great Greek folklore. The Greek mythographer, Euhemerus, who lived around 300 B.C. had a contributing hypothesis. He thought fantasies were contortions of history and the divine beings were really saints that were celebrated after some time. A Greek savant named Prodicus of Ceos who educated during the 400's B.C. shown his understudies that the divine beings were representations of commo n wonders. One more hypothesis of Greek folklore starting points originated from a Greek student of history named Herodotus. He lived in the 400's B.C. what's more, he accepted that Greek customs were acquired from the Egyptians. Likely these hypotheses have a trace of validity in them so they are right, yet nobody reason can clarify or follow Greek folklore. Regardless of where they began these fantasies turned into a piece of Greek culture. Spreading these fantasies turned into the activity of artists and scholars of old Greece. Two conspicuous writers that got instrumental in Greek culture were Homer and Hesiod. One thousand years before Christ Homers Iliad turned into the main put down account of old Greece. The Iliad denotes the start of Greek folklore and is the most established Greek writing. Later Greek folklore was characterized by Hesiod. Now and then his divine beings had marginally various forces and stories than Homers record of gods. Divine beings at times cover and offer obligations. The divine beings themselves additionally took on various characters in Hesiod sonnets. Early divinity stories regularly depicted the divine beings in a not all that complimenting way. They were regularly observed as tricky or mean. Later in Hesiod sonnets divine beings took on various ethics. They were to a greater degree a model of good and b ad with the accentuation on the correct method to live. More noteworthy Greek ethics and morals added to the divine beings evolving ethics. The fundamental motivation behind these fantasies at an opportune time was to clarify characteristic wonders. A few legends were only for amusement, yet generally folklore was the most punctual type of science.

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Economic Consequences of Software Crime Free Essays

string(443) and offer of copyrighted programming in a structure that is intended to cause it to seem, by all accounts, to be a genuine program; Hard plate stacking, whereby PC vendors load unapproved duplicates of programming onto the hard circles of PCs, which goes about as a motivation for the end client to purchase the equipment from that specific seller; and downloading of copyrighted programming to clients associated by modem to electronic notice sheets or potentially the Internet. In 1996 overall unlawful duplicating of household and universal programming cost $15. 2 billion to the product business, with lost $5. 1 billion in the North America alone. We will compose a custom article test on Monetary Consequences of Software Crime or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now A few sources put the aggregate up-to-date misfortunes, because of programming wrongdoing, as high as $4. 7 trillion. On the following page is a local breakdown of programming robbery misfortunes for 1994. Assessments show that more than 40 percent of North American programming organization incomes are produced abroad, yet almost 85 percent of the product industry†s robbery misfortunes happened outside of North America. The Software Publishers Association (SPA) demonstrated that roughly 35 percent of the business programming in the North America was gotten unlawfully. Truth be told, 30 percent of the theft happens in corporate settings. In a corporate setting or business, each PC must have its own arrangement of unique programming and the proper number of manuals. It is unlawful for a company or business to buy a solitary arrangement of unique s! oftware and afterward load that product onto more than one PC, or loan, duplicate or disperse programming in any capacity whatsoever without the earlier composed assent of the product maker. Numerous product administrators are worried about the legitimate consistence, alongside resource the board and expenses to their associations. Numerous organizations include their legitimate offices and HR with respect to programming conveyance and authorizing. Data can meet all requirements to be property in two different ways; patent law and copyright laws which are manifestations of government resolutions, which are dependent upon Constitutional power. All together for the legislature to arraign the unapproved duplicating of electronic data as robbery, it should initially depend on different speculations of data as-property. Prized formula laws are made by commonplace law, and most locales have laws that condemn the infringement of a competitive innovation holder†s rights. The meaning of a competitive advantage fluctuates to some degree from territory to region, yet usually have similar components. For instance, the data must be mystery, not of open information or of general information in the exchange or business. A court will permit a competitive innovation to be utilized by somebody who found or built up the prized formula autonomously if the holder avoids potential risk to secure the mystery. In 1964, the National Copyright Office started to enlist programming as a type of scholarly articulation. The workplace put together its choice with respect to White-Smith Music Co. v. Apollo, where the Supreme Court discovered that a piano roll utilized in a player piano didn't encroach upon copyrighted music on the grounds that the roll was a piece of a mechanical gadget. Since a PC program is literary, similar to a book, yet additionally mechanical, similar to the piano move in White-Smith, the Copyright Office allowed copyright security under the standard of uncertainty. In 1974, the legislature made the Natural Commission on New Technological Uses (CONTU) to examine whether the developing PC innovation field outpaced the current copyright laws and furthermore to decide the degree of copyright security for PC programs. CONTU presumed that while copyright assurance ought to reach out past the exacting source code of a PC program, developing case law ought to decide the degree of security. The commission additionally felt copyright was the best option among existing licensed innovation defensive systems. CONTU dismissed competitive innovation and licenses as reasonable defensive components. The CONTU report brought about the 1980 Computer Software Act, and the report goes about as casual authoritative history to help the courts in deciphering the Act. In 1980, the Copyright Act was changed to expressly incorporate PC programs. It currently expresses that it is illicit to make or to convey duplicates of copyrighted material without approval, aside from the user†s option to make a solitary reinforcement duplicate for authentic purposes. Any composed material (counting PC programs) fixed in an unmistakable structure (composed some place †I. . printout) is viewed as copyrighted with no extra activity with respect to the creator. Along these lines, it isn't vital that a duplicate of the product program be kept with the National Copyright Office for the program to be ensured as copyrighted. In light of that a copyright is a property right as it were. So as to keep anybody from selling your product programs, you should ask a (government) court to stop that individual by a directive and to give you harms for the injury they have done to you by selling the program. The Software Rental Amendments Act was affirmed in 1990. This Act denies the business rental, renting or loaning of programming without the express composed authorization of the copyright holder. Another revision to the Copyright Act was passed in 1992. This correction made programming robbery a government offense, and initiated criminal punishments for copyright encroachment of programming. The punishments can incorporate detainment of as long as five years, fines up to $250,000 or both for unapproved proliferation or circulation of at least 10 duplicates of programming with a complete retail esteem surpassing $2,500 or more. As indicated by government law copying programming revenue driven, making numerous duplicates for use by various clients inside an association, and giving an unapproved duplicate to another person is denied. Under this law on the off chance that anybody is gotten with the pilfered programming, an individual or the individual†s organization can be attempted under both common and criminal law. A Civil activity might be set up for directive, genuine harms (which incorporates the infringer†s benefits) or legal harms up to $100,000 per encroachment. The criminal punishments for copyright encroachment can bring about fines up to $250,000 and a prison term as long as five years for the primary offense and ten years for a subsequent offense. At the point when programming is fake or duplicated, the product designer loses their income and the entire programming industry feels the impact of robbery. All product designers invest a ton of energy and cash in creating programming for open use. A part of each dollar spent in buying unique softwar! e is channeled over into innovative work of new programming. Programming robbery can be found in three structures: programming falsifying, which is the unlawful duplication and offer of copyrighted programming in a structure that is intended to cause it to have all the earmarks of being a real program; Hard circle stacking, whereby PC sellers load unapproved duplicates of programming onto the hard plates of PCs, which goes about as a motivation for the end client to purchase the equipment from that specific vendor; and downloading of copyrighted programming to clients associated by modem to electronic release sheets or potentially the Internet. You read Financial Consequences of Software Crime in classification Paper models At the point when programming is pilfered the customer pays for that cost by new programming or potentially overhaul variant being increasingly costly. Government re-appraising courts have confirmed that working frameworks, object code and programming contained in ROMs are ensured by copyright. Some lower government courts have additionally confirmed that microcode (the guidelines set on microchip chips) and the look and feel of PC screens is liable to copyright insurance. Which has made serious issues for the across the board advancement of mixed media applications with respect to freeing copyright for little components from content, pictures, video and sound. The United States Government has been a functioning member in securing the privileges of the product business. At the point when the Business Software Alliance (BSA) conducts an attack, Federal Marshals or neighborhood law implementation authorities take an interest too. An association known as the Software Publishers Association (SPA) is the chief exchange relationship of the PC programming industry. SPA works intimately with the FBI and has additionally composed an authorization manual for the FBI to assist them with exploring privateer release board frameworks and associations (reviews). With the assistance of the FBI, the aftereffect of authorization activities brought about recuperations from hostile to theft activities totaling $16 million since the program began in 1990. The Software Publishers Association (SPA) reserves an instructive program to illuminate people and enterprises about programming use and the law. This program furnishes all PC clients with the apparatuses expected to agree to copyright law and become programming lawful. The SPA likewise distributes handouts complimentary about the legitimate utilization of programming for people and organizations. Likewise accessible to assist organizations with understanding the copyright law is a 12-minute tape, which is made out of the most regularly posed inquiries and answers to them. The video tape is accessible in French and Spanish and all together more than 35,000 duplicates of the tape had been sold. The SPA has additionally gathered a free Self-Audit Kit with which associations can look at their product use rehearses. Remembered for the unit, is a product stock administration program intended to enable an association to follow their business programming programs that are on the entirety of their hard plates. The program scans the PC†s hard plate for more than 1300 of the most well-known projects utilized in business. Additionally accessible is the SPA Software Management Guide which assists organizations with auditting their present programming approaches, teach workers about the lawful utilization of programming, and build up strategies

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Henrik Isbens A Dolls House :: A Dolls House Essays

Nora got powerful guide as mindfulness of her own worth/worth. Some could state her numbness, uninformed regarding what her activities would bring about in the event that they where known freely. Guiltlessly she thought there was nothing amiss with sparing her spouses life, yet his pride, his inner self would be harmed and society would untouchable them. Another type of help was Linde who filled in as a mirror like character who demonstrated Nora what she had done as it were, and how a free lady could The long and winding street was very cruel on Nora, even a dear companion, for example, Dr. Rank end up being a deterrent she needed to jump when he maintained his affection to her. All the time Krogstads coercing her, fund-raising, working at evenings and such where consistent torments. The steady mystery and stress aggregating and developing never giving her space to get her relax. To finish everything off, Helmer ceaselessly confined her, formed and shaped her like a toy. Some other character would have split under this tremendous weight however Nora simply continued going, with the expectation of a â€Å"wonderful thing† propping her up.      Stumbling upon the acknowledgment that the â€Å"wonderful thing† was nevertheless a simple dream that didn't exist denoted her last experience with a definitive winged serpent, Torvald. She had just needed to endure his limitations and absence of opportunity that he forced on her domineeringly. Likewise, there is the extorting by Krogstad whose crave another opportunity to recover him self is extraordinary. Be that as it may, he doesn't anticipate giving up the bond, which gives him the influence over Nora. Her experiences have been abundant with these two winged serpents that dismay her.      Ultimately Nora vanquished the incomparable monster Torvald. After the Tarantella, which didn't slow down for sufficient opportunity, Helmer finds reality via mail. In light of his desire/sexual urge that caused him to choose to boil down to early he found this in such a design, that demonstrated his actual character. Nora then continues to reveal to him that she can't remain with him any longer, fundamentally killing him. Torvald is vulnerable and bewildered, and absolutely crushed however his obliviousness, of how to treat Nora.

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Coursework Help

Coursework Help Coursework HelpAre you sick and tired with all the immense college workload? Do you wish you had more free time? If youre reading this right now, youre looking for custom coursework help at the right place!.com can take care of all your academic struggles! Would you like to learn more about it? Continue reading and youll find out how to get coursework help and how we can make your life a lot easier! Helpful Coursework TipsWriting a coursework is difficult, but it doesnt mean its impossible to complete. Weve compiled a list of tips to help you get through this tough assignment:Choose a topic you personally find interesting. Remember that this is your own project and in order for it to be successful, you need to have passion for the theme youre writing on.Organize your time and work. Create a reasonable schedule, plan on how much you want to do each day, week, month etc.Proofread your paper several times before submission. This will help you correct textual mistakes, as well as spelling and grammar ones. You may also use the services for proofreading.Stay within the word limit. Remember, â€Å"the more, the better† rule does not apply to academic writing. Your grade wont be higher if your word number exceeds the requirement.Find a quiet place where you can work on your paper. If your house is too crowded and noisy, its a good idea to relocate to your local library.Do a small pre-research. It is necessary to figure out if there are enough sources for your topic. It is very important to choose a topic you can cover.Dont wait until the last day or night before submission to complete some part of your work. Procrastination does no good to any student.Concentrate on one thing at a time. Dont try to update your Facebook status and work on your coursework simultaneously.If you realize youre too busy for coursework writing or you just don’t want to do it, youre welcome to get GCSE coursework help! Why is Plagiarizing Dangerous?Plagiarism has never been tolerated by professors. It is better not to submit a paper at all rather than submit a plagiarized work. If you get caught to have plagiarized a paper, you are more than likely to be in a big trouble. The best outcome is to get a warning and a chance to redo you work. But chances are that you may also have your grade significantly lowered or even be considered to have failed the course! We highly recommend you avoid any kinds of plagiarism and write coursework on your own.Coursework Writing Help by.comMany students have already realized that ordering coursework online makes things a lot simpler for them! GCSE coursework help saves your time and lets you spend it n on activities you find a lot more useful than writing. So why hesitate? Place your order today and enjoy the beauty of having your work done by an expert writer! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer care department anytime, we work 24/7 to serv e you! Get coursework writing help today!

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A Brief History of English Literature - 1782 Words

A brief history of English literature 1. Anglo-Saxon literature Written in Old English c.650-c.1100. Anglo-Saxon poetry survives almost entirely in four manuscripts. Beowulf is the oldest surviving Germanic epic and the longest Old English poem; other great works include The Wanderer, The Battle of Maldon, and The Dream of the Rood. Notable prose includes the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a historical record begun about the time of King Alfred ´s reign (871-899) and continuing for more than three centuries. Authors: Caedmon (English poet), Cynewulf (English poet), Franciscus Junius, the Younger (European scholar) and John Gardner (American author) Works: Beowulf (Old English poem), Exeter Book (Old English literature) manuscript volume of Old†¦show more content†¦Philips, 2008. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Universidad de Valencia. 13 October 2010 lt;;entry=t142.e3806gt; 4. The Renaissance and Reformism The reformation, owing both to the wishes of its academic founders and to the popular tendencies underlying it, concerned itself largely with popular preaching. It is a widespread error to assume that there was little popular preaching in the Middle Ages. It is true that there were many bishops and parish priests who shirked their canonical duties in this respect, but there was much popular instruction; there was, especially among the friars, much simple, at times even sensational, mission preaching. But the deepening of religious life that preceded the reformation led men to employ with greater diligence all means of helping others, and popular preaching was thus more widely used. Here again, both a conservative and a revolutionary tendency are observable. On the one hand, we can trace the fuller but continuous history of the older use of sermons. On the other hand, we find the tendency, seen at its strongest in Zwinglianism, to exalt the sermon above the sacraments, to put the pulp it in place of the altar. Both tendencies made the literature of sermons more popular, and more significant. But, in the literature thus revived, theShow MoreRelatedHow English Evolved Into A Modern Language797 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish is the official language of many countries all over the world and is spoken more and more every day(How English Evolved Into a Modern Language.). Modern English is the product of the invasions of England over a long period of time(Where Did the English Language Come From?). Throughout history English has influenced and been influenced by many different languages(A Brief History of the English Language.). Historically, English is divided into three periods: Old English or Anglo-SaxonRead More[Writer Name] [Supervisor Name] [Subject] [Date] History of the English Language and some of the1000 Words   |  4 Pages[Writer Name] [Supervisor Name] [Subject] [Date] History of the English Language and some of the many Factors that have influenced its Ev olution Language is surely the most influential form of communication. It is the most powerful instrument an individual can have. By definition, language is the use voice sounds by human beings, organized in order to express and communicate thoughts and feelings. It is what has shaped our society into what it has become today, what has allowed our civilizationRead MoreEssay about Ben Johnson and William Shakespeare 1275 Words   |  6 Pageshonorary degree and would be considered one of the most learned men of his time (Ben). He would also gain the favor and patronage of James I and go on to write masques for the court and would be considered Englands first poet laureate (Ben Jonson English). Many considered Ben Jonson to be a difficult man with an argumentative personality. His squabbles with other playwrights are legendary (book). However, Ben Jonson was a passionate perfectionist who encouraged and embraced the revival of classicismRead MoreThe New Testament : History, Liter ature, And Theology By M. Eugene Boring954 Words   |  4 PagesM. Eugene Boring An Introduction to the New Testament: History, Literature, and Theology An Introduction to the New Testament: History, Literature, and Theology by M. Eugene Boring is a book which deals with an overview of the New Testament from a historical, literature and theological perspective. As stated by the author, this book does not attempt to work through every point in methodological detail, but from a case to case intends to provide enough specifics to illustrate evidence and argumentRead MoreIndian Writing in English1144 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Indian writing in English has a comparatively short but highly stimulating history. In 1793, Sake Dean Mahomed wrote conceivably the first book by an Indian in English, called The ‘Travels of Dean Mahomed’. However, most early Indian writing in English was non-fictional work, such as biographies and political essays. This began to change in the late 1800s, when famous Indian authors who wrote mostly in their mother tongue, began to try their hand at writing in English. In the early 1900s, RabindranathRead MoreAmerican Culture: Religion and the Romanticism Movement805 Words   |  3 Pagesopposed, and have also influenced the American Culture. Much controversy is involved in religion because of the effect it has on the nation and how it reflects upon significant political figures. From early to mid-1800, Romanticism, a period involving literature, art, and theoretical ideas, impacted America as well, although it originated in Europe. Religion and Romanticism helped innovate diversity in culture, contoured virtual concepts, and promoted an emergence in the improvement of America as a nationRead MoreArthurian Legends Effects on English Society1104 Words   |  5 PagesWhat role did the great King Arthur play in the way English Literature is perceived? The Arthurian Legends reveal King Arthur as a chivalrous king and not as a historical figure but as a myth of mass amounts of achievements. From his search of the Holy Grail, to his perfect society in Camelot and his development of the Round Table, King Arthur’s legend displayed his heroic character. Through the many countless legends of the glorious King Arthur, England’s society underwent a drastic change inRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Let America Be America Again 862 Words   |  4 Pagesname of Langston Hughes who is knowledgeable in American literature. Hughes writes this specific piece about the suffrages of what African Americans have encountered and uses a combination of ethos, pathos, and logos to express his thoughts. In the book Arguing About Literature: A Brief Guide by John Schilb and John Clifford gives a brief credibility description of Hughes to let readers knows he knows what he is talking about. He also uses history and emotion, both powerful strategies, to create a connectionRead MoreMedie val English Poetry : The Foundations Of Anglo-Saxon Poetry1701 Words   |  7 Pages(â€Å"Anglo-Saxons: A Brief History). As a result of this conquering, several different kingdoms formed in Britain (â€Å"Anglo-Saxons: A Brief History). This period of conquering and the forming of the Anglo-Saxons was between the middle of the fifth century and the middle of the eleventh century (â€Å"Anglo-Saxons: A Brief History). This time was also identified as the Dark Ages (â€Å"Anglo-Saxons: A Brief History). Between this time, the Anglo-Saxons were one the most prominent cultures in Britain (â€Å"Anglo-Saxons: A Brief History)Read MoreInfluence Of Modern Western Government717 Words   |  3 PagesTheir political structure has influenced modern Western government. The Roman language, Latin, is the root of many other languages like English, Spanish, and French. The Roman Empire (cont.) Formation - After the fall of the Qin Dynasty in 207 B.C., 18 separate political forces proclaimed their independence, but the Han and Chu were the most powerful out of them. In 202 B.C., Liu Bang won the Chu-Han Contention and found the Han dynasty, which ruled China for the next 400 years. Cultural Traditions

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Douglass Example Essay - 1877 Words

Slaves didn’t know their mothers or birthdays. Assess the impact on their mental well being ? Care of the mother for the childs future character formation, have a decisive role. The slaves don‘t know their mother, so they don’t get good care. Slaves don’t have a sense of identity for self because they don‘t know their birthday. It is easy to hurt them as a persons sense of belonging. Slaves needs their mothers to be their directors. 2. Slavery degraded master and slave. Masters derived pleasure from abusing chattel. How would this behavior contribute to their diminished humanity? 400 years of the slave trade, but estimates of slaves brought to America Africa about 12 million to 30 million. Africa continent†¦show more content†¦15. Edward Covey had a reputation. What was that reputation and how did he earn it? A snake? Thomas can’t stand, the Douglas to Edward Covey, let Edward rebuked Douglas. Edward was a cruel man, he will be whipped slaves. Douglas often give some difficult work. Douglas Covey believes that Christianity is false. Edward tried to deceive himself and God, he is a true Christian, but some of his crimes, he is a sinner. Later, Douglas and Edward fighting since then, Douglas began to flee. Finally, Douglas became a brave man, Edward is just a useless owner. 16. Did Covey break Douglass’ spirit? How was Douglass reborn? Why was it a turning point? When Douglas was born into slavery, grew up in the South engaged in heavy slave labor, torture, several times nearly lost his life. However, his strong will in difficult circumstances, assiduous self-culture struggle. Slaveholders see good discipline, he handed him over to a special tame slaves and whites - Covey discipline. Douglas decided to revolt after being repeatedly beaten severely beaten discipline who scared the other no longer afraid to fight him. 17. Christmas was an unusual time on the plantation. How so? What was the intent of special treatment meted out to the slave? Many, but not all, the owners give the rest a day or more slaves at Christmas time. Some also provide them with sufficientShow MoreRelated frederick douglass Essay examples498 Words   |  2 Pages Slave and Citizen; the Life of Frederick Douglass In the biography of Frederick Douglass written by Nathan Irvin Huggins, covers the life of a magnificent man who lived his life as a slave, only to flee for his freedom to be a foremost advocate against slavery. Douglass was a black leader in the time of hostilities towards his race and became the foremost leaders of the abolitionist movement. He fought to end slavery within the United States in the decades prior to the Civil War and even harderRead More Comparison Of Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass Essay example1057 Words   |  5 PagesComparison Of Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass America, a land with shimmering soil where golden dust flew and a days rain of money could last you through eternity. Come, You Will make it in America. That was the common theme of those who would remove to America. It is the common hymn, the classic American rags-to-riches myth, and writers such as Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass had successfully embraced it in their works.Franklin and Douglass are two writers who have quite symmetricalRead MoreFrederick Douglass: The Rise of a Slave Essay example1906 Words   |  8 Pageshe Rise of a Slave Frederick Douglass is a former slave who made great effort in order to obtain freedom. He is born into slavery in the state of Maryland and he barely knows his parents. Douglass is unique compare to other slaves because he learns how to read and write. He found a way to escape from his master and settles in Massachusetts. Frederick Douglass writes his text to abolish slavery and to change it as well; he plays an important role in securing the equal rights of African-AmericansRead MoreDouglass Example 31562 Words   |  7 Pageswhole due to loss of the population of the slave trade, at least more than 100 million people , equivalent to 1800 the total number of the population in Africa.    5.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Did Southerners treat their slaves well?  Ã‚  They loved to sing.  Ã‚  What was Douglass’ perception about the songs?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The  southern slaveholders treated their slaves no good.  Ã‚  Slaves most of the work in the plantations.  Ã‚  Black leaders of slave origin – Frederick , talked about in his autobiography, the average person is happyRead More Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Essay examples1068 Words   |  5 PagesFrederick Douglass   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Illiteracy was an instrumental tool used to deprive slaves in an attempt to keep them ignorant and manageable during the 1800’s. If slaves were to learn how to read, they could in turn be educated. The oppressing class during this time period realized that if slaves were able to become educated they could no longer be useful, for it would be increasingly difficult to exploit their services. The ability to read was the white man’s power over slaves. Douglass, realizingRead MoreCharacteristics Of A Hero1492 Words   |  6 Pagesanother great example is the couple who lived near the California wild fires. The couple clearly couldve left on his own but in spite of the situation, they went out of the normal and went to save families in need. They helped them to safety and waited until the Firefighters arrived. They persevered through the obstacle in their life. They had confidence to continue to save the people and the determination that they were not go ing to let anyone die. This couple makes the perfect example on how a heroRead MoreEssay about Frederick Douglass: The Story of Slaves by a Slave1063 Words   |  5 PagesFrederick Douglass: The Story of Slaves by a Slave After the American Revolution, slavery became a more significant component in the American economy. As a result of many slave owners being materialistic, slaves were overworked and treated callously. One such slave was Frederick Douglass. Through most of his life, Douglass was trapped in a typical slave environment. However, Douglass taught himself to read and eventually escaped the desolate life of a slave. After his freedom, Douglass wroteRead MoreBeing A Slave Worthy Of Manhood1149 Words   |  5 PagesThe Life of Frederick Douglass, it is clear that Douglas had a very strong option about the differences between men. He did not seem to have the common out look in the differences between free men and slave, but rather something deeper. He believed that a slave with out hope or drive for a better life was not a true man, but that a true man was someone who was able to respect himself and become someone worthy of respect from others. Throughout, the story of Fredrick Douglass there seems to be manyRead MoreEssay Mass. 34th774 Words   |  4 PagesThe supposed winner and loser in each war may have crossed the mind as well but not much more. Why did these wars happen? What was being fought for and who was making the sacrifice? In David W. Blight’s article, â€Å"The meaning or the fight: Frederick Douglass and the memory of the fifty fourth Massachusetts,† he proves that in modern American society the memory of war is that of a fight and not of what was being fought for. Media, the entertainment industry, and even our education systems paint quiteRead MoreFrederick Douglass And His Life1494 Words   |  6 PagesFrederick Douglass believed that all people were born equal, but he also believed that humans were not just automatically born free. He deduced that man has the innate instinctive ability to mold themselves into whoever they wanted to become. So, naturally self-improvement and education were two crucial aspects of Frederick’s life. To Douglass the most horrific thing about slavery was the fact that slaves were totally and completely precluded from and form of education, which prevented them from

Kashmir Issue free essay sample

I remember when I used to leave my home for school early in the morning my mom used to instruct me not to speak with the cops and when I used to return home safely in the evening she used to treat me as if I had returned after a decade. Today nobody knows whether their near dear ones will return home by the dusk. Thats the fear that the people of Kashmir are living with. Freedom, for Kashmir, is a search for the lost identity of its rich cultural religious class of medieval world. The issue of Kashmir is not as ordinary as most of the people in India think. People of Kashmir are dying dying for the future of their unborn. I just want to convey to the outer world the citizens of India that the common man in Kashmir is not a terrorist but a human being who has needs like anyone else does, and among them, the most important is the safety need. But, unfortunately, no Kashmiri feels safe here. Tell me if some one barges into your house asks you to vacate the house and the land which u have been cultivating for years from where you earn your bread and butter, then how does it feel. It seems that the JAGIRDAAR ystem has returned to India is haunting the people of Kashmir. Some one is trying to hold on to this land some one is trying to take it away, but now the issue is not about the property or land but of the most precious thing on the planet- HUMMAN LIFE, which unfortunately is on SALE in Kashmir, thanks to the Govt. the hundreds of battalions of the forces who are doing it in the name of maintaining the so-called peace and providing safety to the people. Kashmir is not a battle field so stop the bloodshed. Stop turning the paradise into hell before it is too late for anyone to stop he fire within the Kashmtns. LET THE PEOPLE OF KASHMIR LIVE IN PEACE..! Indians have been through all this, we have read books about out forefathers and freedom fghters who gave us a nation for which we lost thousands of lives. Today India is repeating the same thing with the Kashmiris. Does this mean that Britishers were more legitimate and humanly than Indians? Britishers gave independence to India without thinking that they have ruled India for Decades. Why cannot India give Independence to Kashmir so that thousands of lives could be saved? Indian Govt. has een claiming for years that Kashmir is their integral part cares for its own people. Now the question is why the politicians are interested in ripping the article 370 from Kashmir why innocent people are being killed on a daily basis- as if they have any sales target (KILLING PEOPLE) to achieve per day or month? Govt. agencies are trying to destabilize the economy of Kashmir and shatter the only hope Kashmiris have. The entire world is of the opinion today that the best solution to the problem of Kashmir is to allow them to make their own choice. Why not Referendum? Trust me they have only two choices, either INDIA or INDEPENDENT KASHMIR. The problem arose from the day the British through its East India Company wanted to establish its rule over India for which in order to improve its economy sold Kashmir for a meager Rs. 75 lacks to then Dogra Ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh under Amritsar Treaty. This led to QUIT KASHMIR movement for a long period. During the course of time, India Pakistan got liberated from the British in 1947. However, 642 princely states of United become possible for that over decades Kashmir problem had lost its significance but or the wrong policies of puppet governments responsible for power shortage, non existing industrial setup, unemployment, corruption, nepotism and human right violations mostly effecting the youth has paved way for eruption of boiling Lava from a silent volcano. The prevailing situation in Kashmir is a result of the inhuman practices and policies of the Indian Govt. People of Kashmir have been living in a situation not worse than a coup. I dont want to point a finger on anyone but why India highlighted the issue of coup in Pakistan when it is forcing a similar situation in Kashmir? Sudden and unprovoked attacks on the innocent civilians amid severe thrashing and ransacking of the household has been typical of the Bollywood movies to show the reign of terror run by dacoits -the Daakus. But what has been the reel life example of Ramgarh villagers in films like Shoolay, is turning reality for Kashmiris who complain of being taken for a ride by the paramilitary CRPF troopers. And their misery, amid tight curfew, compounds with the warning note by the men in uniform who before leaving the spot fired gunshots in the air and said, S**lo Hum Phir Aayaingay! Since the day curfew was clamped in the Valley, many city areas in the Valley have been facing atrocities at the hands of CRPF troopers and the state police who pounce in the residential areas mostly during evening hours -beat the residents including women, smash the window panes, ransack household and leave with a warning note of returning to teach more lesson with more Iron Hands. 6th October, 1947 the state of Jammu and Kashmir was accessioned to India and this accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to India, signed by the Maharaja gainst the wishes of the people of Kashmir, was accepted by Lord Mountbatten. Sheikh Abdullah patronized Quit Kashmir movement against Maharaja Hari Singh, the heir of Maharaja Gulab Singh and as such sheikh was elevated to the status of pir (holy man). The Maharaja opt ed for a temporary accession with India and as such many cases of treasons were filed against the Shiekh Abdullah for his Quit Kashmir movement by the Govt. of India. With the help of Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru, all the cases were withdrawn for which Sheikh Abdullah supported he accession of Kashmir with India. Pakistan, with the help of Qabailie Jihadies, sent its troops in 1948 to Kashmir and annexed 314th of its territory. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru took the matter to U. N. O. where he accepted a resolution favoring holding plebiscite in Jammu Kashmir. People of Kashmir accepted the resolution waited for plebiscite. The Govt. of India did not implement the decision of U. N. O. for one or the other reason. This was resented by the people of Kashmir in general and that of by Pakistan in particular. In 1975-1976, when Sheikh Abdullah was the chief minister, here was a widespread movement in Pakistan Administered Kashmir to march to Indian Occupied Kashmir † an exact opposite of the present Kashmiri slogan of Chalo Muzaffarabad. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged by Pakistan military dictator Zia- ul Haq on April 1, 1979. A complete support for India vanished in a few years and dictators photographs began to adorn the homes of Kashmiris. In the late 1950s when Nehru sent Haribhau Pataskar to gauge public opinion in the valley (in order to hold the referendum he had promised), Pataskar told him that the valley was all for oining Pakistan. Sheikh was lured by the friendship of Mahatma Gandhi Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and for his own vested interests took the reins of power in 1951 as The Prime Minister of JK. While in power he again harped for holding plebiscite on seeing the mood of masses. He was then arrested and put behind the bars for 22 years. Sheikh Abdullah fared no better because of his double standards. People realised that they have been supporting the wrong person who cares for his own vested interests. He died in 1982 and within seven years, his birth and death nniversary became occasions to burn his effigy. He thus became the great betrayer from his erstwhile position of Lion of Kashmir. Thereafter central Govt. induced men of their choice as Prime Ministers Chief Ministers for suppressing the voice of the majority for plebiscite. These heads of the state exploited their position and curbed the rights of masses misinformed the international community about the political developments in Kashmir. Central Govt. offered huge budgets to the state, which were misused for their own ends. Stooge governments resorted to misgovernance by orruption, favoritism nepotism. Time changed the mood of the people for Self- Rule. Muslim United Front (MUF) wanted to restore the pre 1953 status of Kashmir for which the election results were ridged and its members (Present day leaders of Hurriyat its factions) were tortured put behind the bars. Pakistan, on the other hand, exploited the sentiments of Kashmiris especially the youth and provided conduit and shelter for keeping its lost slogan of incomplete accession alive on the international scenario for making Kashmir as part of its country and avenge